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Do NOT get P-Hacked! Stop BLINDLY following science

Are brain-training apps worth the hype? Challenge scientific claims and embrace personalized habits for a happier, more confident you. P-Hacking and the Dangers of Blindly Following Science. Crack the code of statistical significance and the challenges of habit effectiveness. Explore real controversies in the science world.


I. Introduction

II. The Science of Habit Effectiveness

III. The Problem of P-Hacking

IV. Challenging Scientific Claims

V. Strategy for Personalized Habits 

VI. Conclusion

Science vs. Personal Experience: The Truth about Habit Effectiveness


Have you ever questioned the science behind the habits you incorporate into your life? P-Hacking and the pitfalls of blindly following scientific studies might change the way you approach personal growth.

The Science of Habit Effectiveness:

A. How Scientific Studies Work

  • Scientific studies are commonly structured with control and experimental groups. But do you truly understand what goes on behind the scenes?

B. The Role of Statistical Significance

  • Statistical significance is a critical factor in determining habit effectiveness, yet it's often surprisingly vague. What does it really mean?

The Problem of P-Hacking:

A. Chasing Confirmation Bias

  • The scientific community isn't immune to the temptation of manipulating data to prove theories. This practice, known as P-Hacking, can lead to misleading conclusions.

B. Controversial Cases

  • Real-life cases like Amy Cuddy's Power Poses and studies on the Lumosity app highlight the controversy that often surrounds scientific claims.

Challenging Scientific Claims:

  • Blindly following science isn't the path to ultimate well-being. It's time to consider alternative methods for evaluating habit effectiveness.

Strategy for Personalized Habits:

A. Stop Blindly Following Science

  • Embrace scepticism and independent thinking when assessing habit effectiveness.

B. Track Your Habits

  • Become self-aware by monitoring how your habits make you feel. Self-awareness is the key to personalization.

C. Choosing Effective Habits

  • Focus on habits that make you feel good, happy, clear, creative, and confident. Build the ultimate you through personalization.


In a world where scientific studies often lack clarity, it's essential to take control of your well-being. Avoid blindly following science, question the claims, and personalize your habits for a happier, more confident you.


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